These chunky highlights will give an aesthetic touch to your style

Hair trends change every season and this 2022, the highlights chunky They have become the favorite color effect of women that, apparently, are here to stay.

The chunky highlights or also known as frontal highlights, they are characterized by bleaching thicker and more marked locks that seek to give more light and accentuate the face, without the need to completely change the color of the hair. If you’re looking for a look more innovative and daring, these highlights ideas chunky they are perfect for you. You will want to make them all!

1. The traditional

Girl showing off her chunky blonde highlights

2. You can try a copper tone

girl wearing copper-colored frontal highlights

3. In pink

girl with frontal streaks in pink

4. Green

woman with chunky green highlights

5. purple

face of a girl showing off her frontal streaks in purple

6. Blue

selfie of a girl showing her highlights in blue

7. Or your favorite color

selfie of a girl showing her reddish highlights

8. You can paint only one side

girl with one side of her hair painted in a copper color

9. Include your fringe

image of a girl who has her hair painted on the front, including the fringe, in pink

10. Adapt it to your style

girl wearing light blonde chunky highlights

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