They announce the first ‘teaser’ of the ‘live action’ of ‘The Little Mermaid’

After two years of restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic, in this 2022, little by little, face-to-face events have been restored, so Disney was not far behind and this year resumed the D23 Expo, in which Through live broadcasts, the house of Mickey Mouse shares amazing announcements, sneak peeks and what’s new coming in the coming months.

From September 9 to 11, you will be able to follow the broadcasts and enjoy the panels that will take place from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, central Mexico time, through the social networks of the Expo D23.

The celebration of this event brought with it one of the most anticipated advances of recent times. That’s right, we’re talking about remake of live action of The little Mermaida project that has caused controversy after it became known that the production decided to turn the main character around and represent her with a dark-haired person.

This September 9, Disney Studios revealed the first images of this classic from the Mickey Mouse company. For almost a minute and a half, we can see the actress Halle Bailey dressed as Ariel swimming in the reef and exploring the famous ship that was seen in the animated version.

HAlle Bailey in her role as The Little Mermaid

Accompanied and followed by her faithful friend Flounder, during the advance of the remakeyou can see the bottom of the sea and some marine animals that, apparently, is the view that Ariel has, since she swims until she finds a boat full of things and accessories that humans use.

At the end of the video, Ariel can be seen sitting and looking up, singing the famous song that she plays when she wants to be part of the outside world, outside the sea. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, we’ll leave it below for you to take a look.

It is planned that the new film of The little Mermaid arrives in theaters on May 25, 2023. Despite criticism that the protagonist is nothing like the original character, it is expected to be a success and to the public’s liking.

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