They are already together! The love story of Philip and Queen Elizabeth

This is not a fairy tale but a love story that lasted 73 years between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. It started when the monarch was just a child and she went on hiatus the day the prince died. However, our romantic side makes us imagine that now that Queen Elizabeth has passed away, they have been reunited in love for all eternity.

When Prince Philip passed away, Queen Elizabeth used the words she spoke for the first time at her golden wedding anniversary to try to summarize everything her husband meant to her, stating that he was always her strength. In that see you soon that the queen told the love of her life, she consoled herself with the thought that one day they would meet again, as sources very close to the monarch assured and that is why we want to believe that it was so.

Elizabeth and Philip

Her big start came when the princess was 13 years old and met Philip of Greece and Denmark, an 18-year-old naval cadet, at her cousin Marina’s wedding to her uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent. Philip and his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, were invited to join the family for dinner aboard the royal yacht.

Urged by his uncle, the young man asked the king if he could correspond with the young princess, which was very surprising due to Elizabeth’s age, however, the king had come from a line of princes whose marriages were arranged, so that he believed in the marriage of the heart and seeing the effect that the young man had on his daughter approved that they continue in contact.

Felipe and Isabel as children

The young princess fell in love with him immediately and never had eyes for anyone else. Years later, when she turned 21 and shortly after she returned from a tour she had with her parents in South Africa, her engagement to Felipe was formally announced.

The Duke of Edinburgh was always a romantic in every letter he sent to his beloved Elizabeth; in one of them he announced how he had fallen in love with her unreservedly and that by doing so he had made her personal problems and even those of her world seem small and petty. In fact, in another letter he wrote to his new mother-in-law after her marriage in November 1947, he wrote a sweet and loving message to show for it.

Philip in love

Lilibet is the only ‘thing’ in this world that is absolutely real to me.

A year after their marriage, the couple had the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, who was born on November 14, 1948, and two years later they had Princess Anna. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth was crowned and for many years, in the company of her husband, to fulfill her speech: to dedicate her life, be it long or short, to the service of the great imperial family to which all they belonged Years later her two youngest children, Andrés and Eduardo, were born.

isabel and felipe with children

In a reign that lasted 70 years and with a marriage of 73, Isabell II said goodbye to her beloved Felipe in April 2021 and with gratitude and the love that she always had for him, there are those who believe that this pair of lovers, since yesterday they have been reunited in eternity.

He has simply been my strength and permanent all these years, and I, and all his family, and this and many other countries, owe him a greater debt than he would ever claim, or we will know.

elder elizabeth and philip

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