They chose Mount Everest to unite their lives

The best way to show the world the level of commitment in a relationship is to get married, which is why many spend a fortune on luxurious ceremonies or paradisiacal settings, in order to perpetuate that magical moment.

In the case of Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson, from California, United States, they left behind the typical dinners with family and friends and wanted to formalize in a unique and special way, nothing more and nothing less than on the top of the highest mountain of the world.

the best scenario

couple gets married on everest 1

At 8,848 meters high, with a single guest, the photographer specializing in extreme weddings Charleton Churchill, and accompanied by a team of sherpas (natives from a village near Nepal), traded fancy tables and candles for tents, ice axes and backpacks.

The only important thing was his love

couple gets married on everest 3

After planning for a year and traveling for three weeks, they finally made it to the top, swore eternal love to each other and said “Yes”.

A dream wedding

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These fans of nature and extreme sports walked every day for six hours without stopping at 15 degrees below zero, until they reached the base of Everest to be able to carry out the photographs of the most special day of their lives.

A slightly different outfit

couple gets married on everest

He, dressed in an elegant tuxedo She and black, in a beautiful white wedding dress, both wearing snow boots, with a spectacular bottom that would take anyone’s breath away, they knew they wanted this to happen from the moment they made the decision to get engaged.

They never would have changed their minds

couple gets married on everst 6

Both admitted that they would have loved to share that special day with their family and friends, but they had come to the conclusion that this was the right place to unite their lives, so they did not doubt for a second about what they had done. planned.

The images became a viral phenomenon

couple gets married on everest 1

Charleton Churchill left an emotional message on his Instagram account:

“I can thank everyone who participated in our adventure on Mount Everest, a wedding that has turned into something bigger than I could have imagined. The images have become national and international and have gone viral.”

Now his story is known all over the planet

couple marries on everst

“We are still surprised. This couple got married at the base camp of Mount Everest, before all the mountaineers came, when the only sound was the wind, the ice, the stones colliding under our feet and the incredible avalanches, the sound of the gas of the stoves and the birds that flew over us. Everything was peace. Even when we were completely exhausted and cold, we still had energy left to enjoy everything around the wedding.”

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