They criticize Enrique Iglesias for giving a passionate kiss to a fan

The Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias caused controversy after giving a passionate kiss with one of his fans, before his concert at the Resorts World theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on September 16.

The charismatic 47-year-old composer always takes advantage of his presentations to mingle with his fans, so this occasion was no exception. However, the situation got out of hand, because he did much more than just take photos, since he took advantage of the closeness he had with a fan to give her a fiery kiss.

Friday night in Vegas. See you tonight!

The passionate moment was recorded in a video shared by Iglesias himself, through his official Twitter account, in which we see how the woman, who managed to circumvent security, goes up to the stage in search of a photo with her idol, but Enrique quickly changes the tone of the encounter, because he effusively takes her by the hip to kiss her on the cheek, after a few moments, both turn to kiss each other on the lips, all while fans They celebrate displays of affection.

However, the behavior of the interpreter of Do not say no to me It earned him a lot of negative criticism, because let’s remember that he has been in a relationship with Anna Kournikova for 20 years, with whom he has three children.

Enrique Iglesias is criticized for kissing a fan

Many criticized the act, since despite the happiness shown by the fan, it seems to them that the singer took advantage of his fame to go further than he should. In addition, they assure that he disrespected his relationship with the former tennis player.

Enrique Iglesias kisses a fan and is criticized

I am disappointed in this conduct. This is not a music video. This man is in a serious relationship, with three children and turning 50, I don’t think it’s appropriate and I’ve been his ‘fan’ for 25 years. I’m not jealous either.

Others simply commented that “anyone would like an equal kiss with Enrique Iglesias”, as well as that “it makes them jealous to see the woman who managed to obtain it”.

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