They discover that the “world traveler” edits her photographs

We all want to have the time and, above all, the money to travel around the world. However, one influencer has shown that the only thing you need to do it is to be very skilled in Photoshop.

Aubrey O’Day is dedicated to uploading her photos on her Instagram account of all the places she “visited” and ensures that everyone could live the experience like her. At least in that she did not lie, because the young woman edits photographs of her with the image of her in different parts of the world and then shows off trips that she did not actually do.

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey calls herself “a world traveler” and is dedicated to constantly sharing photos where she appears in tourist places in many countries. However, her images aroused the interest of several internet users, who began to investigate them and discovered that she downloaded them from sites like Pinterest to later edit her colors and add her image to them.

As a result of this revelation, followers and Internet users sparked controversy and did not take long to express their opinions and criticisms on their Instagram account. Because of that, the model changed the settings of the social network from public to private.

It is worth mentioning that some of his photographs do have a great edition and seem one hundred percent real, while others are evidently fake.

Many of the users have not only criticized the lie, but also the fact that in each post He wrote motivational phrases such as “Get excited, you can also live this life”, among others.

Aubrey O'Day in Bali

The worst of the case is that once it was evidenced, the girl continued to affirm that her photographs are real, but that she has a good production that helps her to see them this way.

We don’t know whether to take it sarcastically or not, but the truth is that the ability he showed with the editing program in some photos would be good to develop. Do not believe it?

photo edited influencer

Please respect my aesthetic and I work hard to give everyone beautiful content and feel the way the places I travel vibrate. Because I want everyone to vibrate with me.

Here are the ones that caught our attention the most because that day, the fit and precision failed.

1. In Santorini, why not?

Aubrey O'Day in Santorini

2. Somewhere in Greece

Aubrey O'Day in Greece

3. In Indonesian

Aubrey O'Day in Indonesia

4. Succeeding in Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia

Aubrey O'Day in Iceland

5. Very comfortable on the rocks

Aubrey O'Day on the rocks

6. Speechless

Aubrey O'Day in Kelingking Beach

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