They do not find Ezra Miller after accusations against him

Since his first arrest in Hawaii, the accusations against the American actor Ezra Miller have not been lacking, since in early June the lawsuit that the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes, a minor girl, filed against him for hit her and offer her drugs and alcohol.

Before the complaint filed in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court, in North Dakota, it was recently announced that the authorities have not located the actor of fantastic animals to deliver the notifications corresponding to the case.

Face of American actor Ezra Miller

It is worth mentioning that before the complaint filed by his parents, Tokata Iron Eyes shared a video on his Instagram account in which he comes out in defense of the actor, assuring that he has only given him his invaluable support and protection after the unfortunate death of his beloved William friend.

In addition, during the recording, he commented that his father suffers from transphobia and affirmed that he rejects the idea that he needs guardianship, since he affirms that he is in the possibility of managing his own life. For this reason, through videos and photographs on her account, she has not only shown that she does not live in his parents’ house, but that she is also in the company of the actor.

Tokata Iron Eyes with actor Ezra Miller sitting on some stairs with another girl

According to information published in Los Angeles Timesthrough a telephone interview with Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sara Jumping Eagle, the parents of the attacked minor, they claimed to have no idea of ​​the whereabouts of Tokata and Ezra, with which they seek the help of other authorities.

The order that the protagonist of Flash must strictly comply with the accusation of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the security and well-being of Tokata” is not to contact the young woman and her parents for 30 days, as well as the restraining order in which she is ordered stay a little more than 300 feet away from the family’s residence during that time.

Selfie of Actor Ezra Miller in a car with Tokata Iron Eyes

Although he has not been located, the actor is not committing a crime, but what he must do is appear at the hearing that the court set for next July 12, in which Tokata and Ezra must appear to express their version. of the facts.

They move around so much that we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation and we can’t serve them anywhere long enough. They have been fickle. They have been avoiding service and now there is public pressure on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about the volatile nature of Ezra… We are working very hard to enforce this order wherever they are.

– Chase Iron Eyes, Tokata’s dad

Capture of a video of Tokata Iron Eyes on his Instagram account

Although Tokata is 18 years old, according to the laws of the tribal court, she is still under the legal guardianship of her parents, so the guardians of the minor have previously tried to obtain an order for a mental health evaluation for their daughter, since they What they are looking for is for her to have her own personality without the influence of the actor in her life.

Tokata needs help without Ezra’s interference. Ezra is a 29-year-old person who needs help to follow his own path and not interfere with Tokata’s development as his own person.

– Sara Jumping Eagle, Tokata’s mom

Ezra Miller posing in a white suit

So far, Ezra’s legal representatives have not responded to the court’s request. It only remains to wait for both the interpreter of Flash as Tokata show up for the court date in North Dakota.

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