They name their daughter Lilith and throw a party with a ‘satanic’ theme

If every year you struggle to find the ideal theme to celebrate your little girl, pay attention to what this mother did, who did not close the world to throw her daughter Lilith’s party, because she was only inspired by her name. Maybe you can too.

This celebration caused a sensation but also amazed many, as the baby’s parents used a satanic theme to celebrate her birthday. Although it was not extreme at all, it did catch the attention of TikTok users, a social network where the girl’s mother shared some details.

lilith baby shower

Lilith turned one year old and had a figure of Baphomet as a piñata, a god represented by an anthropomorphic image and who is known to be the representation of Satan. In addition, in the decoration they included cakes with drawn pentagrams and the invitation had a sublimated goat with the phrase “Cute as Hell”.

Although the party was very unusual, all the details had their touch of tenderness, but many tiktokers Alarmed, they criticized the theme and even the girl’s name.

baby Lilith pentagram cake

According to myth, Lilith was a divine creation on a par with Adam, long before Eve. However, she did not conceive of the fact that he was the one who dominated the intimate act, since for her, both had been created as equals and had the same rights.

For Adam it was intolerable that this woman wanted to equal him. The fact that she had character and made her own decisions was synonymous with her being dominated by a libertine spirit. In addition, it is said that using her seduction skills, Lilith left the Garden of Eden, leaving Adam forever and settled on the shores of the Red Sea, accepting romances with “demons”. That is why she is now known as “the mother of all demons”, which is why many Internet users were scared by the party with such a theme.


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