They reveal documents with which Depp and Heard tried to attack each other

It seems that the problems between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are destined to last forever, since the fight between the former Hollywood couple continues to give something to talk about. Now documents with the “dirty laundry”, with which Amber Heard and Johnny Depp tried to attack each other during the trial, have come to light.

Over the weekend, The Daily Beast released lurid new revelations in what many have described as “the trial of the century.” The American media opened and reviewed more than six thousand pages of court documents, which the lawyers of the 59-year-old actor and the 36-year-old actress presented to the court in the defamation trial and that were rejected by the judge to be taken into account during the six weeks that the legal battle lasted.

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

Apparently, fans of Johnny Depp paid three thousand dollars to have access to court documents, in order to affect Amber Heard. However, they ended up unintentionally exposing the actor and the information he tried to keep private.

According to the documents, Heard’s legal team apparently tried to suggest that Depp was taking medication for erectile dysfunction, while the star’s lawyers Pirates of the Caribbean they would have tried to divulge intimate photos of the actress of Aquaman.

Johnny Depp

In addition, Heard’s legal team tried to discredit the audio, video and photographic evidence that evidenced the alleged physical violence that Depp suffered at the hands of his ex-wife, since, according to them, they could have been modified, therefore, more than once, they requested the original, without success.

Therefore, the actress and her lawyers hired an expert to testify in this regard, who apparently found “anomalies that cast doubt on the authenticity of the multimedia documents.” However, his testimony was not accepted.

Johnny Depp leaked documents tweet

In reality, Johnny Depp sent manipulated photos of his ‘injuries’, with altered metadata.

Among the documents are also displays of text messages, including those exchanged between the actor and singer Marilyn Manson, in 2016. Manson, who was denounced by several women for sexual abuse, was a kind of support or confidant for Depp in the most complicated stage of his relationship with Amber Heard. However, these would have been rejected due to “Guilt by Association Theory”:

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

– Manson: I have had an Amber 2.0. Lindsay (Manson’s ex-wife) just did an Amber for me.

– Johnny Depp: I’ve been reading a lot of material about that and sociopathic behavior. It’s fucking real, my brother! my ex [Amber Heard] it’s a fucking textbook!

In addition, during the trial, Heard’s legal team also attempted to reveal that Depp and Manson had “drug binge” together and that the two allegedly participated in the fight with Amber Heard, which ended in what is known as the ” amputated finger incident”, in March 2015, when the couple was in Australia while Depp was filming the fifth installment of the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

As if that weren’t enough, Heard’s legal team also filed objections to documents referring to “Amber’s brief stint as an exotic dancer, years before she met Mr. Depp.” According to the documents, “Mr. Depp frivolously and maliciously attempts to suggest or imply that Ms. Heard, at one time, was an escort.”

In addition, the actor allegedly intended to submit nudes of his ex-wife as evidence, but Heard’s team argued before the judge that evidence of a number of “irrelevant personal matters” should be excluded from the defamation trial.

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