They spread new photographs of Piqué with his girlfriend at a wedding

After some photographs were leaked in a television program where the soccer player Gerard Piqué appears in the company of Clara Chía Martí at a public event, the images of the couple were revealed when they attended a wedding in Spain.

With this we confirm that, indeed, they no longer keep their romance a secret! Clara and Piqué were captured smiling, hugging and hand in hand.

pique and his girlfriend

According to the Spanish magazine HELLO!both thought that the ceremony that took place on the Costa Brava, Spain, would be private and free of paparazzi, but it was not so and due to the audacity of the photographers, we can clearly see the happy couple.

Previously it was rumored that Shakira and Piqué had reached an agreement where she asked the footballer to be discreet with their new relationship out of respect for their two children. However, after two months of announcing their separation, the soccer player is already shown in public with his girlfriend, so it is clear that the agreement went to waste.

Gerard and Clara

This agreement was made as part of a friendly separation, where both agreed not to go to court and fight for the custody of Sasha and Milan, their two children. The singer wants and intends to have custody of both and Piqué agreed on the condition that she take care of paying the plane tickets to move from Spain to Miami when he wanted to see them.

However, after the images of Piqué and Clara at the public event were released over the weekend and with this he broke the agreement, people close to the Colombian assured that Shakira will go to the legal battle for custody. of their children.

Gerard and his girlfriend

As a result of the revelation of the photographs, the Barranquilla’s followers have manifested themselves on Twitter and although there are comments in favor of the footballer, there are also those who have reproached his actions, making memes of him. Here we present the best.

1. We expect new songs from Shaki

shakira songs meme

2. We don’t want it anymore

they don't want Piqué anymore

3. They despise him so much that they even made a piñata for him

4. “Shakira, your neighborhood supports you”

5. Well, the truth, yes. Whoops!

affective responsibility Piqué

6. I find no fault with your logic

that Shakira leaves with her children

7. As if something would not add up

january day song

8. It’s true

against pique

9. We have a little courage

i curse piqué

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