This beer diet will make you lose 5 kilos in ONE MONTH!

If only diets were fun… When we want to lose weight, diets are usually our worst punishment, since we can hardly consume delicious foods such as sweet bread, cookies, ice cream, tacos or hamburgers.

But what would you think of one in which the main ingredient was beer? If you feel like it, it’s time for you to prepare your best jar to start the beer diet and lose up to five kilos in a month.

Beer is your friend, not your enemy

girl drinking light beer

It has been thought that beer is to blame for obesity in those who consume it, but specialists have discarded this myth, as commented by the nutritionist María Astadilla, author of the book The ALEA diet:

To say that alcohol may be the cause of obesity is to give too little and unrealistic information.

In addition, various studies have revealed that drinking beer has benefits such as preventing heart disease, making hair shine and reducing body aches, just as paracetamol does.

It’s the easiest diet on the planet.

girl drinking beer in a glass cup

If you follow the regimen properly, you could lose up to 10 pounds in a month and the way you can achieve this is as follows:

  • Reduce the consumption of fats, flours and carbohydrates
  • Drink a 500-milliliter glass of beer daily, as cold as possible

Y voila! A simple, fast, effective and delicious way to lose those extra pounds without starving.

Reasons why it really works

Group of friends drinking beer on the beach

Based on the laws of thermodynamics, some researchers suggest that drinking 500 ml of beer at 0 ° C per day generates a burning of 18,500 calories in our body, without the need to limit ourselves in meals or make physical effort.

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