This is the scientific reason why you watch a series so much

Has it ever happened to you that when you finish watching a series you feel that you will never find such a good and entertaining story again, so after a few days of rest and adaptation to real life, you come back to watch it one more time?

Well, scientists (yes, those who like to study everything) have finally explained that constantly watching series without control can be detrimental to your mental health. Then we tell you all the details of this study.

We love watching series and there is a scientific reason

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Turning on the television and watching our favorite series is not bad, on the contrary, it is a way to relax and make our body feel good. However, if you do it in excess, it can cause serious health problems. According to studies carried out by Dr. Gabriela Orozco Calderón, head of the Laboratory of Psychobiology and Human Cognition at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, this behavior has a pleasant but harmful effect on the brain.

See ourShow preferred relaxes us, but also allows the brain to produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which is related to cognition, motivation and reward. In addition, serotonin is produced, the chemical responsible for controlling our mood and behavior.

It’s not something to be proud of

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People do develop a certain addiction to the series and by not watching them, they begin to feel anxious, irritable and with an intense desire to dedicate all their time to them, so it is not as healthy as it seems. Addiction causes someone to stop doing and paying attention to their daily activities, as well as forgetting their responsibilities and lowering their performance.

Those who develop addiction are those people who have little social life, impulsive personality or have self-control problems. For this reason they cannot stop between one chapter and another. All of this can affect areas of the brain such as the temporal and frontal lobes. The first is related to emotions and behavior, while the second is related to mood and memory. Their behavior changes and little things start to annoy them or make them irritable.

Why do we see them over and over again?

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According to another study conducted by the University of Chicago, the reason we watch series over and over again is longing. Psychologist Neel Burton determined that by doing this, we bond in a certain way with the context in which it was first observed.

The feeling of nostalgia appeals to us, and not only because we remember what happens to each character, but because we feel familiar with a past lifestyle. Sometimes watching old episodes is like “visiting someone we miss” to relive memories.

The study concluded that the motivation to see them is the need to validate a feeling or belief that generates a sense of security.

Now that you know, remember that everything in excess is bad and it is best to watch a series and then take the time to do other types of activities, in order to make your brain always feel good.

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