This is why Britney Spears deleted her Instagram

This is why Britney Spears deleted her Instagram

A few days after giving the final “yes, I do” at the altar to Sam Asghari and after sharing the reasons why he did not invite any of his relatives to the wedding, Britney Spears disappeared from Instagram by deleting his account.

The “Princess of Pop” surprised her fans by suddenly absent herself from Instagram, since in recent months she had been quite active, sharing videos of her dancing and having fun reels that she was doing next to her now husband Sam.

Photograph of singer Britney Spears

However, something that had her followers quite concerned were the provocative and sensual photographs that the interpreter of Criminal she published practically naked and with her eyeliner smeared. Some users speculated that this could have been the reason why, as a punishment, the social network deleted the user from her.

It should be noted that before disappearing from Instagram, the American singer published a controversial message on her account, which she deleted almost immediately, in which she referred to her brother as her father’s “guard dog” and in which she assured that no member of his family wanted him to be released from the guardianship of his father James Spears.

Britney Spears Instagram account search screenshot

So far, the “Princess of Pop” has not explained why she deleted her account from the platform, so it is not clear if it is a temporary or definitive decision, since previously the interpreter of circus He has taken short breaks from that social network, but, in the end, he returns.

So if you search for Britney’s username on Instagram, you’ll immediately see a message saying “We didn’t find a match for this search.” But don’t be discouraged, we can still follow her on her accounts. Twitter and Facebook.

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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