This rock band makes covers with toy instruments

Rock and metal bands are characterized by creating music with electric instruments, which causes them to have a rough style and strong chords that make them heavy musical genres.

However, the members of these bands do not necessarily need these devices to create their music, since there are people who have a lot of creativity and can achieve what they want or want with almost anything, like these guys, who have gone viral for do covers of their favorite songs using children’s toys.

First in Flight American rock band

First in Flight is a four-piece American rock band who recently took a colorful mini-xylophone, a pink guitar, a cat-shaped keyboard, and a toy drum set to start creating covers of your favorite rock and metal songs.

Through their firstinflightband TikTok account, Pat, David, Richard and Max have posted a series of short videos performing their own version of classic songs with toy instruments.


The angriest childrens toys of all time… #chopsuey #systemofadown #soad

♬ Chop Suey! – System of a Down

Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin; Enter Sandmanfrom Metallica; Walkfrom Panther; Symphony of Destructionfrom Megadeth; Psychosocialfrom Slipknot; Smell Like Teen Spiritfrom Nirvana, and Can’t Stopby the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are some of the classic songs that these guys performed with children’s toys.


Classic songs 🤝 childrens toys. #metallica #entersandman #coversong #newmusic #rockband

♬ Enter Sandman – Metallica

What has most caught the attention of all users is the skill with which these guys manage to interpret the thunderous sounds of these songs using such simple instruments.

Their covers have become a trend on TikTok, where millions of users not only play their videos, but also give them like and they comment on how amazing they are and even make proposals for more songs.


Classic songs 🤝 childrens toys #ledzeppelin #immigrantsong #classicrock #coversong

♬ Immigrant Song (Remaster) – Led Zeppelin

It is worth mentioning that the band First in Flight has released their own music over the years, but their songs have not been what have made them gain followers, since before making music with instruments for children, they created a series of videos funny in the bathroom, using songs as a response to various reels from TikTok.


#stitch okay, well I guess Richard is down #stacysmom

♬ Stacy’s Mom – Fountains Of Wayne

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