This was the emotional goodbye that Karol G gave her blue hair

In addition to the successful musical themes with which Karol G has made us twerk to the ground, something with which the interpreter of bug It is her peculiar blue hair, which gave a different touch to the artists of her genre and that countless followers imitated to look like her.

However, on July 31, the Colombian singer not only said goodbye to the month, but also said goodbye to the color she loved so much to welcome a new look.

KArol G posing on a yacht in the sea

Assuring that with her blue hair she leaves behind one of the most important and successful stages of her career, the singer says goodbye to many memories that caused her pain and shared with her followers the emotional farewell she gave to her hair.

With an emotional note, the interpreter of provence started a series of stories on her Instagram, where she says that to say goodbye to her stage with blue hair, she made a farewell trip in which, accompanied by some friends, she danced, misbehaved, drank too much, among many things that were on her list of wishes.

screenshot of the message with which Karol G says goodbye to her blue hair

I want to tell you that I decided it was time to change my blue hair, which you loved as much as I did. To say goodbye, my blue hair and I went on vacation to some of the places that are on my dream list… WE SAID GOODBYE IN A LOT.

The singer clarified that she says goodbye to a stage of much learning, immaturity, pain, as well as to people she loved very much and, above all, to a time in which she rediscovered herself and who in turn gave her the most successful album of his career so far. Karol G documented brief moments of the trip that she has described as one of the best moments of her life.

Karol G crying at the African Safari

Trying to summarize how exciting and important this trip was for her, she added a folder of highlights to her account, in which she under a blue heart and shared video fragments showing small moments she lived with her friends. in the farewell of his blue hair.

The adventure began in Santorini, an island in the Aegean Sea, and then moved to Dubai. In the videos you can see the “Bichota” very happy, toasting with her friends, dancing in a club, walking through the dunes and even parachuting out of a plane.

Screenshot of a message in which Karol G says it was one of her last photos with blue hair

During her trip, the singer visited the Safari in Africa, which seems to have been the most emotional place of her vacation, since during one of the stories she comments that she always dreamed of listening to the famous song of The Lion King in that place. To conclude the trip of his dreams, Karol G closed with a flourish, doing what he is most passionate about in life, taking the stage of Tomorrowland 2022 that took place last weekend in Belgium.

Surprised by the unexpected decision to change the tone of her hair, the fans regretted the farewell to the blue hair but did not stop expressing their support for the singer. For now, we just have to wait longer to find out what the new one will be. look of our beloved “Bichota”.

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