This will be the protocol after the death of Queen Elizabeth ll

Since Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth ll was under medical supervision at her Balmoral residence, the royal family, London and the whole world have been concerned about Her Majesty’s health and have not stopped keeping an eye on her until his last breath.

As indicated by the “London Bridge Is Down” protocol, since the queen’s delicate state of health became known, the United Kingdom government website placed a banner black and all departmental social networks of the government changed their profile picture for the departmental shield. After the news of the death of the British monarch was announced, the protocol to be followed for the next ten days was announced.

Black and white photograph of Queen Elizabeth ll

We all know the famous “Operation London Bridge”, which specifies that a blue light will turn on all televisions. In addition, the radios will announce the death of the queen and will prepare videos with images of her for reports on her life and her work. But that is not all, because her bills with her face will be taken out of circulation, there will be a two-day strike that will bring a great economic loss to the country and her burial will take place 12 days after her death. .

In addition, to all that series of memorial services before the funeral, a small detail will be added, since, according to the regulations written in the 60s, if the queen dies in Scotland, “Operation Unicorn” will be carried out, which dictates that the body of the monarch must be transported back to London by royal train.

Image showing the kings in London symbolizing the Unicorn protocol

If that option is not possible, the “Overstudy” plan is used, which is a similar protocol, except that in this option, the coffin must be transported by plane. This act takes place two days after the death of the queen.

Before the news is made public, parliamentary sessions in Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Senedd and the Northern Ireland Assembly will be suspended for ten days. At 10:00 am the day after death, the Ascension Council, councilors and Prime Minister Liz Truss will meet at St. James’ Palace to proclaim King Charles as their new sovereign.

Image of Queen Elizabeth ll getting off the royal train

Then they will move the coffin of the Balmoral monarch to the Palace of Holyrood, in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, where a mass will be celebrated in St. Giles Cathedral, also in Edinburgh. After this, the queen’s coffin must be transferred to Buckingham Palace, where Liz Truss and her cabinet will officially receive her body at St. Pancras station in London, England.

Already at the Palace, the now King Charles will receive a motion of condolences, and then tour the entire United Kingdom to inaugurate his reign, in which he will visit the Scottish Parliament and St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Along with the tour of the now king, in London, the “Lion” operation will be carried out, which is based on a procession of the coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.

Protocol of the funeral of a deceased person of royalty in London

Following the arrival of the coffin at Westminster Hall, a solemn memorial service is held, so that, for the next three days, the coffin containing the remains of the British monarch will be placed open on a raised platform in the middle of Westminster Hall, with the purpose that the public can see it in a period of 23 hours a day.

On the tenth day, the Westminster Abbey cathedral will be the setting for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, where the entire country must remain silent for two minutes and banks, schools and all kinds of establishments must remain closed. .

westminster abbey cathedral

To finalize the protocol, two processions will be held, one in London and the other in Windsor, to then bury the remains of the queen in the chapel of St. George, in Windsor castle.

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