Tiktoker claims that the bread of the dead carries ashes of the deceased

The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations for Mexicans, not only because families believe that their loved ones return from the afterlife to visit them for a night, but also because of the decorations, parades, dances and even typical food of the seasonal, such as hot chocolate and delicious pan de muerto.

Although these parties are warm and colorful, they are often not understood by foreigners. If you don’t believe it, you should know the case of @Redpiratek, who told his followers on TikTok that the bread of the black dead is made with ashes of real deceased. As expected, his words caused controversy and ridicule.


Mu3rt00 bread #pandemuerto #mexico #latinos #mexa #mexicano #gringa

♬ original sound – Redpiratek

For those who are not from Mexico, pan de muerto is a typical sweet bread made with butter, milk, flour, egg, orange, and sugar. These are made to honor the deceased, placing it in the offering that families set up in their homes as a tradition.

However, this information was unknown to the tiktoker American @RedPiratek, who two years ago assured that the black bread of the dead was made with the remains of deceased people. His comment caused controversy, went viral and incredibly resurfaced from the Internet archives.


Hahaha what the bread of the dead WHAT?! #parati #fypシ #mexico #pandemuerto

♬ original sound – Budar

@RedPiratek’s video became a trend again due to the sarcastic response that the user identified as @_Budar gave him:

Simón, look, and we make granny chocolate with real grannies. And I better not tell you how we make children stuffed with cream because, believe me, you will never come to Mexico again.

The young man’s sarcasm went viral and received comments such as:

‘Better not even talk about nun fart chocolates’; ‘You don’t have to tell him how to make elbow soup’; ‘Better not even tell him about the king’s thread’; ‘In León, Guanajuato, we eat bear broth and macaws’.

Tiktoker affirms that in Mexico they make dead bread with ashes of people

And in case you were wondering, the black dead bread has this color because it is sprinkled with sugar and totomoxtle ashes, which are dried corn husks.

So now you can rest assured that your black dead tummy did not come from any funeral home. In addition, its flavor is so exquisite that you will end up licking your fingers.

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