Tips with which you will harmonize your room according to Feng Shui

The room is the space in your home where you spend the most time, because that is where you rest, clear your mind and even have fun moments watching movies or reading.

For this reason it is important that this area of ​​the house is distributed and harmonized in such a way that all the energy can flow and remain in our space. These tips from feng shui that we present below are all you need to achieve it.

1. Order and cleanliness

Clean and tidy room in gray and white tones

Having your room tidy and clean gives you a sense of peace and harmony, as it conveys the power of control you have over the place. In addition, it helps you avoid feeling stressed or tired by your surroundings.

2. Electronic devices and television

TV room

It is recommended that you do not have a computer, tablets or TV in the room. Being your place of rest, the ideal is that we rest and having these artifacts nearby will only hinder rest. In case you must have one in the room, it is best to establish a time to stop using it. In this way, your sleep schedule will not be affected.

3. Header

bed with headboard

Although the fact of not having a headboard for the bed became popular, it provides great security. For this reason it is recommended that you have one and it is firmly placed so that it does not generate any movement after being placed.

4. Bed location

cozy room

When arranging the bed in the room, one of the most important things that you must take into account is to avoid that the feet of the bed or the head area are aligned with the door, since the energy ceases to exist in the bedroom. and anxiety and vulnerability are generated. It is best to ensure that the bed does not reflect or bounce the energy outwards.

5. Mirrors

mirrors in room

Many people believe that it is better if the mirrors are not in the room, but the reality is that you can place them, as long as they do not reflect your image when resting or lying in bed, as they steal energy. If this is in front of your bed, it is best to cover it at night. In this way, you will avoid feeling restless.

6. Room colors

Earth color tones for bedroom

Lately it is common to bet on white in the bedroom, but it is better to opt for warm tones, since they provide tranquility and calm. You can choose between salmon, pink, earth tones, vanilla, lemon, green and violet, as they will help you rest better.

7. Doors and energies

entrance to a room

The doors regulate the energy of the home, so it is important that the room does not have elements that prevent the entry and permanence of it. For this reason, you should avoid placing the mirrors in front of the door, in this way you will avoid the exit of positive energy. These should not have obstacles, because they have to open and close easily. In addition, you must prevent them from being dirty, old or worn.

8. The windows

Room with a boho touch with a bed facing a window

Unlike doors, windows serve as a natural outlet for energy. To do this you must place curtains on your windows, because in this way, intimacy, warmth and vitality will be provided to the room. The windows must be clean and offer a clear view to the outside. In addition, they have to be opened regularly to allow air circulation and renewal.

9. Lighting

Bed in room with bedside tables and bedside lamps on

Lighting is key in the room. It is advisable to have soft light in the bedroom, since in this way, the rest will be much better. Also, it is not recommended to use lamps that remain above the bed. If you want one, you should place it on the floor or tabletop.

10. Room decoration

Room wall decorated with several paintings

The ideal to rest better is to have a minimalist atmosphere in your room. Opt for a comfortable bed, a wardrobe that is not too high, simple bedside tables and other artifacts that do not attract too much attention or break the tranquility that your place of rest should have.

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