Tom Cruise arrives by helicopter at the premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise’s new film, had its grand premiere on Wednesday, May 4. While the movie won’t hit theaters for a couple of weeks, the big red carpet event in San Diego, California has already happened and the actor had the most epic entrance of them all.

Cruise is one of the greatest action movie stars of our times and it seems that so many years of experience have taught him great lessons, since he arrived at the promotional event in a helicopter that he himself piloted.

He’s also a pilot!

Since the helicopter that was flying over them began to land, the audience present was excited. However, when they saw that Cruise piloted it, the cheers were immediate and the actor walked towards the audience between applause and shouts of joy.

Interestingly, the character he plays in top gun He is also passionate about aviation. In fact, it seems that it was while filming the first tape of top gun that he realized how much he enjoyed piloting, because in 1994, eight years after its premiere, he obtained his pilot’s license. As you read it, Cruise is not only a great actor, but he can fly planes.

The sequel to top gun almost 40 years later

It is therefore not surprising that he has opted for such a spectacular entrance for the sequel to top gun. When asked what motivated him to record a second part of this film, Cruise said that he “wanted a good story, a good cast, a full story for the public. The things we like.”

Top Gun: Maverick It hits theaters on May 27, and you can finally see more of Cruise’s adventures and exploits in the air. Although 36 years have passed since the premiere of the original, it seems that time has no effect on the intrepid actor.

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