Trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ sparks controversy on social media

Last weekend, one of the trailers for the long-awaited film was released on live action of The little Mermaid, which will be released next year in May. However, different users of social networks reacted negatively to the first preview of this Disney classic.

The actress Halle Bailey is in charge of taking us to the depths of the sea to remind us of the beautiful story of the mermaid and from this premise, different opinions have been unleashed in this regard, arguing that, according to the original animation, due to the tone of skin of Ariel, the actress should not give life to this character.

Halle Bailey

The decision to have chosen Halle as Ariel is because, according to Disney, the company has been committed to a change in the world since the original story was written and since the animated version premiered in 1989, alleging that the girls of color also need to see themselves represented on screen.

However, criticism and debates regarding this decision have not been lacking, stating that, according to the original story, the appearance of the mermaid is very different from that of her interpreter in this version and that everything comes from an attempt to “include forced”, as has been done in other films such as Pinocchio, where the Blue Fairy also does not resemble the one in the original animation. In addition to this, they assure that if the real reason for Disney had as its main reason to give diversity in fairy tales, the character of Tiana, from Princess and the Frogcould serve that purpose.

HAlle Bailey in her role as The Little Mermaid

The difference of opinions among Internet users has not only been in disapproval of the decision of the producers of this classic, since many of the fans have emphasized the importance of representation and the different adaptations of the story of The little Mermaidwhere the image is very different from the one we have known since 1989, according to the animated version of Disney.

Due to the controversy, debates have arisen where they defend, in a humorous way, their position and in some Twitter posts we have found arguments where they affirm that if we were really based on mythological beings, the sirens would be anthropomorphic. In addition, it has been questioned that the same controversy has not been made in other cases such as Aquaman.

1. No one complained with this version, right?

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2. But many do agree

little mermaid shark meme

3. I find no fault with your logic

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4. With that voice, she can be whoever she wants

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5. Just enjoy it

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6. Right!

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7. Pincers! sniff!

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8. Both are good, let’s give it a try

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9. Let’s open our minds

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10. Let’s just face it

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