Unmissable Netflix and HBO series that will make you fall in love

There are series that become a kind of comfort space, because no matter how many times we watch them, they always make us laugh, cry or get emotional. From the first time we came across these stories, we adopted them as our own and never tire of recommending them to others, to the point of forcing them to watch them.

We can all think of the productions that cause this effect, each opinion is valid, that’s why, on this occasion, we bring you some recommendations for series on Netflix and HBO that are essential. So if you still haven’t decided to give them the opportunity, this is your call to do so.

1. Arcane

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

Among the winners of the 2022 Emmys is this absolute gem, set in the universe of League of Legends, the famous multiplayer video game. In it you will find the history of two cities: Piltover, where hextech, which is how anyone can access magical energy, and Zaun, where a new drug begins to circulate that turns humans into monsters.

While the catastrophe approaches, the main characters have to deal with the tension between both cities and the misfortunes due to the injustices that live around them. I assure you that once you start, you won’t be able to stop watching it.

two. BlackMirror

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

East Show of dystopian science fiction grows around the everyday, that is, our own lives and how the use of technology can go very wrong. In it we see a pessimistic version of society, which will lead you to criticize your own lifestyle, and although it often borders on the terrifying, you will not want to leave the screen.

3. Love, Death & Robots

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

An incredible three-volume animated anthology that will take you to unimaginable worlds, where the characters are so memorable you’ll want the episodes to last longer. The themes revolve around science fiction, so get ready to see amazing and super original stories. In addition, the fourth installment was confirmed, so there is love, death and robots for a while.

Four. mindhunter

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

This story centers on two FBI agents who interview serial killers to study their Psyche and thus resolve ongoing cases. It is based on the true story of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the first to study the psychology of killers in order to differentiate between them and be able to profile them before they are caught.

We can see famous killers like: Ed Kemper, Dennis Rader, Charles Manson, Wayne Williams, among others.

5. Anne with an E

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

Follow the story of Anne, an orphan girl with a tremendous wit and an intense way of living new experiences. This series is definitely a hug to the heart, as it deals with countless complicated topics in a sensitive and realistic way. From one minute to the next, you will find yourself laughing, crying and jumping with happiness, without realizing it.

6. Barry

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

An unusual comedy about hitman Barry Berkman, who wants to become an actor. We see him dealing with his double life, and although he wants to stop being a hit man, his past haunts him wherever he goes.

The characters have a magnetic charm, the black humor stands out but without neglecting the internal dramas, it is an unmissable series.

7. peacemaker

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

East spinoff from the movie suicide squad continues with the story of Peacemaker, the villain who “fights for peace” in very violent ways and without caring who gets in his way. Also, we get to know him better, including the sensitive side of him.

This time we see him work with a new team, which seeks to save the world from an alien invasion. Filled with hilarious moments and memorable situations, you can’t pass up this gem.

8. harley quinn

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

In this animated version we see the beloved villain break out on her own as a crime boss after breaking up with the Joker. Full of comedy and drama, it shows us a less serious version of many superheroes and villains who constantly make fun of themselves.

In addition, the story focuses on the bad guys, who are practically celebrities, so the heroes often take a backseat.

9. The White Lotus

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

This dramatic comedy focuses on the lives of the staff and guests of the White Lotus Resort.. From the beginning they show us the different visitors they will have during the week. Also, we know that one of them will die.

Under this premise, we get to know the darkness behind each character, who initially appear almost perfect.

10. office

Recommended Netflix and HBO series

If you still don’t see office stop what you’re doing and go immediately to correct that mistake. You will find a cult comedy, which revolves around the lives of Dunder Mifflin employees, a company that supplies paper.

Although it seems like a simple idea, everything that happens inside the office will lead you to want a “godín” job. Many stop watching it after the first season, but I assure you it gets much better, give it a chance.

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