Vegans organized a funeral for meat from a supermarket

Since veganism emerged, there are more and more groups of people trying to make the world aware that food obtained from animal sacrifice should not be consumed by humans, since the right to life of those is being violated. species.

Although their constant struggle to raise awareness and for people to respect the rights of animals continues and they still have a lot of work to do, vegans do not take their finger off the line and are not going to rest until they achieve their goal.

group of vegan boys have a funeral in the meat area of ​​a supermarket

In their desperation to get people to stop eating foods of animal origin, a group of young vegans organized and held a wake in the meat area of ​​a supermarket in the United States and became popular on networks.

The recording took place in a self-service store in Michigan, United States, where members of the vegan activist organization known as Ur Vegan Gal Pals gathered at the location to carry out a funeral for the meat trays that were there. for sale.

boys putting roses in supermarket meat coolers

In the video in question, you can see several people placing red roses on the bags of steaks and different types of cuts in the meat section, carrying some signs on which you can read phrases such as: “All animals want to live”, “More than three billion animals are killed for food every day” and “Rest in peace.”

With the melody of the song Welcome to the Black Paradefrom the group My Chemical Romance, in the background, the young people who dress in black had that noble gesture in order to give a dignified farewell to those animals that were sacrificed to feed people who are unconscious to them and did not value their lives.

Today we disrupt a place where people commit the most heinous and violent acts against animals by buying their bodies. Today we remind customers that these are not food packages. It is a cemetery. It will never, ever be food. This is violence.

– Ur Vegan Gal Pals

Although the funeral ceremony for these pieces of meat on Styrofoam trays inside supermarket refrigerators was originally shared on the vegan organization’s Facebook on September 13, 2020, someone recently took up the recording and shared it on Twitter, causing this time it will go viral.

three vegan boys with meat eating awareness signs

The action of these young people was harshly criticized in networks, where they were the target of ridicule and offensive comments in which they classified their ceremony as ridiculous and there were those who pointed to an obese woman who participated in said video. Other comments that stood out were those of users who referred to the fact that when you buy meat you get a free rose.

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