Video of Kiko dancing in a circus sparked criticism in networks

Despite the fact that 50 years have passed since the first chapter of the famous and successful Mexican comedy series premiered The guy from 8created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, its emblematic characters are still recognized and loved by the public, since their peculiarity and authenticity is so great that they have stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Although it is already rare to see the actors of the cast interpret the iconic members of Chavo’s neighborhood, sporadically there are brief appearances of the comedians wearing the epic costumes of their characters and giving life to the roles to which they owe fame.

Carlos Villagran in his role as Kiko

Such was the case of actor Carlos Villagrán, who was recorded during a presentation playing Kiko in a circus in Honduras. By sharing it on his networks, the Mexican comedian was the target of criticism from users, who speculated that he might have run out of money.

The controversial recording was shared through the profile of marabekk55 on TikTok, who, judging by the content of his account, seems to be the current partner of the 78-year-old actor, because in his reel You can see a couple of videos made with photographs in which he appears next to the Mexican comedian.

Kiko was criticized in his presentation at the Honduran circus

However, on September 7, the woman shared a little about Carlos Villagrán’s presentation as Kiko at the Hermanos Fuentes Gasca circus, which was located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In the short video you can see the comedian wearing the typical black sailor suit with which he gave life to his character in the famous series of the seventies. Also, with the song I know you want meby Pitbull, in the background, he can be seen pulling out his best dance moves and making everyone in the circus scream.

Spectacular Kiko. Are you going to keep missing it? Circus Hnos. Fuentes Gasca. Carlos Villagrán live and in full color. And great humor.

The clip showing a fragment of the Show that shows Kiko dancing with a lot of energy despite his 78 years, it did not take long to turn around in all social networks, where users created a debate that divided opinions. Although many are happy to see him live and working with great joy, others were quick to criticize him and speculate that perhaps she did not save for her retirement and that is why she has to continue working.

Video of Kiko dancing in a circus in Honduras

Apparently, this will not be the only presentation that the comedian will have for the famous circus, on the contrary, that was the debut of his Show for the inhabitants of Honduras, since it is possible that he will have more dates where people can enjoy the dance and the jokes of the actor.

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