Vocalist of Café Tacvba destroyed a Dr. Simi in concert

Throwing stuffed animals with the figure of Dr. Simi became a practice of the Mexican public towards their favorite artists as a gesture of admiration and affection. Although it is unknown where and how this trend arose, more and more singers have received this fun and popular offering.

One of the groups that recently joined the list of bands that received a stuffed toy on stage was the famous Mexican group Café Tacvba, who had a Farmacias Similares doll thrown at them during their tour of a European city. However, the vocalist did not hide his displeasure and ended up decapitating the stuffed animal.

Rúben Albarrán beheads Doctor Simi in concert in Belgium

During his concert in Brussels, Belgium, on September 10, Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of the Mexican group Café Tacvba, received from his followers a figure of the mascot of the Farmacias Similares. Although he appreciated the public’s gesture, he could not hide his displeasure and instead of hoarding the stuffed animal, he began to destroy it in front of those present.

Instead of embracing and cherishing the doll as other artists have done, the interpreter of the ungrateful He assured that he hates Dr. Simi and after receiving him, he tore off his head, and then completely destroyed it with the help of his partner, guitarist Joselo Rangel.

The detail is very nice but the truth is that I hate Dr. Simi. Sorry, uh, thank you very much, thank you very much.

– Ruben Albarran

Enjoying the act of completely destroying the doll and throwing the remains towards the public, Albarrán replied that they “wanted blood” while spitting out pieces of cotton and the audience, shouting, booed the member of the band for beheading Dr. Simi .

members of café tacvba destroy doctor simi's teddy in concert in Belgium

The interpreter’s action Are It did not go unnoticed in networks, where users criticized him strongly, since beheading the stuffed animal does not go according to what he always preaches about non-violence, so they completely disapproved of his act.

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