What skirts slim and lengthen legs – a guide to choosing the ideal model

Just-fancy has collected instructions on choosing skirts’ styles for its fans. Find out which models slim and visually elongate legs in our article.

Skirt visually elongates the silhouette and emphasizes the slimness if it has a high fit. It accentuates the waist and gives the legs extra centimeters. To enhance the effect and make the silhouette even more expressive you can complement the combination with wide belt which will highlight your waist even more.

Lime, 1999 rubles (Lamoda)

Mini-skirts with a high waist have an excellent pulling effect. Feel this effect in full scale, even without heels. Legs look longer, even if you’re wearing this skirt with sole tractor boots.

Lime, 2799 rubles (Lamoda)

Consider the midi version of skirt with a hooded top. Just do not miscalculate the length. Perfect solution – a model just slightly above the knee: it will emphasize thin ankles that will make your silhouette look slimmer. And the skirts, ending in the widest part of the calves or just above, on the contrary, will visually add volume to you.

Mango, 1199 rubles(Lamoda)

Nice effect gives the combination of midi skirt and high shoes, picked up exactly to the shade. So you get a smooth flow of one layer to another and blurring the line between them. Unity of color and solid verticality pull the silhouette.

Models with high cuts do a great job with the silhouette elongation. Moreover they give a seductive look and emphasize the beauty of legs. Add these high boots to your look and you will have no equal on the city streets!

Befree, 1,299 rubles (Moscow, Russia) (Lamoda)

Pleated skirts slim well, but only if they are made of quality material. It can be as well-formed fabrics, as light and airy textures. The main thing is that they should flow smoothly while walking and not sticking to the body.

Befree, 1,378 rbl. (Lamoda)

Skirts of asymmetric cut will also help to decorate your figure. Soft draperies, jagged edge line – diagonal lines visually stretch the silhouette. In combination with high fit and suitable length you’ll easily get the desired result.

Lime, 1999 rubles (Lamoda)

Printed models will help you to achieve the desired effect. The lower part of the body looks slimmer and more elongated, when the skirt has a vertical not bright pattern, such as classic stripes, but lines should be not frequent, thin and not too contrast to the fabric background.

Lime, 3599 rubles (Lamoda)

The most actual print of the season – check – can be alternative to stripes. Just choose not too contrasting pattern with diagonal location of the pattern.

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