What to wear with a denim jacket: 77 stylish outfit and photo examples of successful combinations

The versatile denim jacket has become a basic and almost indispensable element of women’s wardrobe. The denim jacket goes well with a variety of outfits and complements them with its sophistication. Below we will demonstrate the best combinations with a denim jacket.

Stylish total outfit

A practical and very interesting outfit is obtained by choosing the lower part of the outfit, made of denim. Sets of identical textures are very popular, so such a outfit will definitely be not only beautiful, but also fashionable. The top and bottom may differ in material density and color scheme. There are also combinations in the trend, which involve combining different textures in one product.

Combination with a skirt

Printed skirts

To give your everyday look a special charm, just put on a plain sweater with a printed skirt and put on a denim jacket on top. This comfortable outfit is best complemented with comfortable sports shoes, such as white sneakers or trainers. This outfit will always look win-win and sophisticated.

Mini skirts

A strong and incredible combination will look very extravagant and graceful due to the bold contrast of the closed top and open bottom. A high, wide and stable heel can be used in shoes. But with a hairpin, it is very difficult to create a harmonious image. For maximum comfort, opt for a light-toned versatile sneaker.

Combining with cropped trousers

Cropped trousers

The trendy cropped pants look incredibly stylish. They are able to highlight the beauty of a girl’s ankle. When combined with a denim jacket, you can safely choose wide-leg trousers, cropped jeans or culottes. With regards to shoes for this outfit, it is best to pay attention to styles with an open ankle. Closed shoes will also be appropriate, but it is worth making sure that they do not make the overall look of the created outfit heavier.

Union of jeans with cycling shorts

Cycling shorts have been considered an unambiguous trend for several years. If you do not know what to combine this type of clothing with, then feel free to wear a denim jacket, then a harmonious and sophisticated outfit is provided. Under the jacket, you can wear a crop top, sweatshirt or T-shirt tied with a knot at the waist.

Combination with wide leg pants

Another very popular and stylish option is to combine a denim jacket with wide trousers. Under the bottom, you can wear an ordinary laconic sweater, top or T-shirt. This will help keep the look moderate and calm enough.

Combination with joggers

Girls, for whom comfort and convenience are paramount in their outfit, will certainly not be able to do without sweatpants. For active fashionistas, designers offer a stylish and extraordinary combination of jeans with joggers and a T-shirt. The combination with sweatpants with a more relaxed cut also looks great. For high-rise options, you can choose a cropped jacket. You can complement the original look with an element that is not part of the sporty style, for example, a shirt, bag or matching shoes.

Denim jacket with leggings

When creating a relaxed and comfortable look, try leggings. Such an element of the overall image will make a light accent on the slender and attractive legs of the fashionista. The color of the denim jacket with this combination does not play a special role. The most important thing is the style. It is very important that the jacket is as loose as possible, and it is best to choose an oversized style. It is best to wear elongated clothing under the jacket, such as a jumper, T-shirt or shirt. Tops are definitely excluded from this outfit.

Denim jacket with dress

Floral Dresses

Light, romantic and delicate dresses with a floral print look irresistible in combination with a rude denim jacket. Taken together, we get a very stylish and beautiful outfit for all occasions. This idea will help prolong the wear of your favorite summer dress and will keep you warm during the cool season. The original duet can be safely combined with sneakers, ankle boots or high boots.

Delicate knitted dress

This combination will help fashionistas any day. Such an image will help the girl to feel as comfortable as possible and does not detrimentally affect the beauty of her appearance. It is the denim jacket that is here the main element that makes the combination of a dress with shoes in a sporty style more harmonious and charming. A monophonic modest dress looks quite elegant in such a duet.

Denim jacket with shirt dress

This combination is in great demand, especially among overweight girls. This outfit helps to hide all the flaws in the figure, and therefore is incredibly popular. In addition, this outfit looks very modern and fashionable. It fits all age categories. With this combination, you can use absolutely any flat shoes.

Unsuccessful combination options

It’s hard to believe, but such a versatile and indispensable thing in a women’s wardrobe as a denim jacket still has some limitations in terms of combination with other elements of the outfit. Fortunately, there are very few such examples, but they are still there and should be taken into account when creating a stylish outfit. Surely a harmonious outfit will not work in a combination of a denim jacket with business trousers, since such an outfit contradicts all clothing styles. A crude and tasteless combination will not produce the desired effect. Another exception to the stylish rules was the combination with a thick knit dress. Textured denim will not tolerate this combination.

Fashion stylists have provided us with a large number of clothing combinations with a stylish denim jacket. Each of the options is attractive and harmonious in its own way. Choose any of the presented outfits and look your best. Don’t be afraid to complement outfits with various accessories and replace shoes. Thus, you can radically change your entire appearance.

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