What will happen to Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis?

One of the things that most characterized Queen Elizabeth II was that she was a great lover of animals, but especially dogs, especially the corgi breed, since they are almost an emblematic symbol of the royal family. The long tradition of this type of dog began in 1933, when King George VI gave a dog to his two daughters.

After the death of the British monarch, one of the questions that most resonates with many people is what will happen to her beloved corgis? Those furry ones that were descendants of Susan, a dog that was given to her by her parents when she turned 18. .

Queen Elizabeth ll with her parents and her dog Susan

Throughout her life, Isabel ll showed that these canines were her greatest love, since after that Corgi that her father gave her, she showed great affection for these animals, who became her faithful companions from her first days in the Royal Palace.

In addition to being her faithful companions, her furry ones accompanied her everywhere and were part of crucial moments in her life, since Susan accompanied her on her honeymoon, her descendants were during the 2012 London Olympics and when the monarch He moved to Windsor Castle to spend his confinement there.

map showing the descent of queen elizabeth ll's corgis

However, Queen Elizabeth II was not only a dog lover, she also had other animals, including different breeds of dogs, horses and ponies, in which she was often seen walking.

Turning 90 in 2015, the queen wanted to stop breeding corgis as she feared leaving them orphaned and destitute in the event of her death. Therefore, in 2018, the death of her dog Willow de Ella was the end of the dynasty of corgis tamed by her.

Queen Elizabeth ll with her four dogs

However, despite her decision not to have any more dogs so as not to leave them homeless after her death, in 2021, her son Andrés gave her two small dorgis (a cross between a corgi and a dachshund) to cheer her up after the hospitalization of her husband, the prince. Felipe, who passed away shortly after.

Currently, the queen had five dogs, two corgis named Muick and Sandy, a dorgi named Candy and two Cocker spaniel. Despite not having an official plan of what will happen to them, it is speculated that they could be given away among the extensive legacy of the queen’s relatives.

Recent photograph of Queen Elizabeth ll accompanied by her dogs

I imagine that the dogs will be cared for by the family, probably by Prince Andrew, since he is the one who gave them to them.

Penny Junor to ‘Newsweek’

At the moment, after all the protocol of the queen’s death, the British royal staff could be taking care of the dogs, since on more than one occasion, the dressmaker, assistant and right hand of Elizabeth II, Angela Kelly, he helped her and shared the care of the royal dogs.

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