Winter Trench Coat: Various Ways to Wear It

Winter is that hot time of cold + rain and to protect yourself well this season, a piece stands out on the streets, the trench coat. The trench coat was created by Thomas Burberry to protect British soldiers in World War I during the cold and rain on the battlefield. Even the term trench means trenches, holes that the soldiers themselves dug to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

Winter looks with trench coat how to use

It is one of those basic pieces that goes well with everything, from casual looks with jeans and sneakers, to more informal looks with tailoring pieces. For those looking for a more formal look, it can be like Kate Middleton, who wears the trench coat as a dress in most of her productions, adding only pantyhose and scarf when the cold is strongest.

The main tip is to take care of the length and type of material of the trench coat , for example, more classic fabric and colors you can use in more formal environments, and more technological or printed fabrics in more informal occasions, where you seek to demonstrate more style.

If you are looking for a more modern look to go out at night, opt for a metallic version, the jacket being the most striking, you can combine it with a more basic clothing such as black pants and a white T-shirt.

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