Woman buys shelter and adopts 250 dogs in poor condition

A very unfortunate situation that happens in the world is the abandonment of pets, both dogs and cats that are left on the streets because of irresponsible owners. This is why you have to be as aware as possible about it, especially in December, that a pet is not a toy but a commitment that you acquire for approximately ten years.

As a consequence, both the streets and animal shelters are overcrowded, as people prefer to buy rather than adopt. In addition, the shelters are not in the best conditions due to the lack of financial support.

Dog animal shelter and woman feeding them

That is why Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg, a Canadian couple who are dedicated to rescuing and helping homeless animals, mostly dogs, founded the “Dog Tales” animal shelter, with the aim of helping and finding homes for as many dogs as possible. possible.

What inspired them to do it was that they adopted four dogs when they lived in Israel, so, in honor of that, every so often they travel to that country and visit different dog shelters, where they choose between 10 and 20 dogs that are in the worst conditions. conditions to take them to Canada and offer them a new life.

Dannielle and Rob Scheinberg with dogs

However, on one occasion when Danielle went to Israel, she came across a shelter she had never visited, but which, according to her words, is the worst she has ever seen. This one had capacity for approximately 70 dogs but they had 250, which made them live in deplorable conditions.

In addition, Danielle recounts that there were six dogs in each cage and that they all fought over the bread they were fed. On top of that, there were also a lot of rats that wanted the bread and the canines looked completely terrified. Given the situation, it was impossible to settle on just 10 or 20, if all of them desperately needed help.

Seeing this, Danielle’s heart broke, so she and her husband decided that adopting just a few was not an option, so they bought the entire shelter and began making changes to improve the quality of life for the animals.

Through her Facebook page, the girl reported that 90 dogs had been relocated to other shelters in Israel, 25 were taken to Canada and another 150 were left at the shelter, cared for by veterinarians and other staff, while they could make room for them in the shelter. “Dog Tales”.

Dog Tales Animal Shelter

Dog Tales is a world-renowned dog and horse sanctuary, located in Ontario, Canada. This has 20 hectares of green areas and wooded hills. Plus, it has miles of walking trails, therapy pools, and a spa.

All this makes up the perfect space for pets that have had a difficult life to recover and be cared for and loved while they wait for their final home, although here they can have them for as long as necessary, the couple asks people for help to adopt one and so they have more space available to house other furry ones in need.

Dog Tales Animal Shelter

It is worth mentioning that the rescued dogs had injuries and infections and were very fearful, afraid of other dogs, toys, food dishes, etc., but with a lot of love and patience, Danielle and Rob managed to get them back on their feet. confidence and feel calm.

Undoubtedly, adopting is an act of love, with which you can change the life of an animal, that’s why you have to consider that option before buying a dog or cat, as well as be responsible and sterilize them.

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