Woman celebrated with a big party that she is divorced!

It is increasingly common that marriages do not reach that “they lived happily ever after”. And it is that perhaps current couples do not believe in lasting love or perhaps they just want to experience what it would be like to live with another person… but for that there are roomies, TRUE? However, we have come to the conclusion that divorce is a new celebration, and that more and more women are celebrating being single again, and a clear example is that of Catherine Navarro.

The 34-year-old woman, originally from New Jersey, United States, married in 2005 when she was living her youth to the fullest; But love only lasted a couple of years and the divorce trial even longer, so when she was finally granted the papers proving that she was a single woman again, she did not hesitate to organize a big party to celebrate it.

Not everything was honey on flakes

Gathered women holding signs in their hands to celebrate the divorce of one of them

Catherine was young and totally in love when she got married, just a few weeks after meeting Marc, and she did it in a quick ceremony and at the request of one of her cousins.

At first I thought it was a joke, but a few days later I was already getting my dress and flowers. I went to the mall and bought a beautiful wedding dress. We were married in New York City Hall, with several witnesses, including my mother and my friends. It was a beautiful day, it was simple, but beautiful.

But not everything was perfect. Although at the beginning there was sweetness, affection and respect, soon the relationship became a torment: he was possessive, he did not work and he treated her badly.

After 15 long years, she is finally a divorced woman

Woman standing by a dessert table as she celebrates her happy divorce party

When she finally decided to ask for a divorce, Marc refused to give it to her, disappeared and never contacted her again, a situation that made the process more complicated and time-consuming. The court told her that she would only grant it if she proved that she had searched for her husband in every corner of the planet, even though he was the one who abandoned her without a trace of her.

He disappeared from the face of the Earth and I had no news of him or where he was. He had to prove to the Court that he had sought it out. Until I turned 34 I was able to prove that the reason for the divorce was absence and finally in March 2019 I was granted it, it was something I had been desperately wanting.

Long live singleness!

Cupcakes with bitumen and messages that say: "happily divorced"

To celebrate the fact that her freedom had finally arrived, she had her “divorce party”; About 30 friends attended to enjoy the drinks, food, games and especially the fun decorations because there were balloons with phrases like: “Happily divorced”, “Bye bye, boy” and “I’m out of wedlock”.

Life is too short to be in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, so don’t dwell on the past, accept the choices each experience provides.

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