Woman creates association to help women after suffering from SST

A few years ago, the use of the menstrual cup began to become very popular as a sustainable alternative to stop using sanitary napkins and tampons, which, as we know, are single-use and in the long run pollute too much when discarded.

And that is how from one day to the next we began to see dozens of brands that put this new product on sale with the firm promise that it would help us improve our menstrual period and that, in addition to giving us comfort, we would help the planet by avoiding that monthly pollution.

What is the menstrual cup and the Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Pink menstrual cup on plant leaf

The menstrual cup is a container made of surgical silicone that is inserted into the vagina so that it can collect the menstrual flow. Thanks to the instructions with which this product is sold, it is known that it can be inside our body for up to 12 hours, depending on the abundance of the flow.

On the other hand, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a fatal condition that is generated when bacteria enter our body and release harmful substances or toxins within it.

You can get TSS from using the cup

Girl holding a tampon and menstrual cup

Although no such case had ever been reported before and TSS was believed to be unique to the use of tampons (which must be changed every 4-6 hours), a 36-year-old French woman named Sandrine Graneau , she got it from using the menstrual cup during her period.

How it happened?

Tampon and menstrual cup and bouquet of flowers
Sandrine says that the day before she was admitted to the hospital she had abdominal pain and it was rapidly intensifying, but the doctors believed it was kidney stones and the next day, when her pressure was very low, she was officially diagnosed with TSS.

The SST left great repercussions on his body

Sandrine in a wheelchair and they help her put on her foot prostheses

The girl remained hospitalized for 3 weeks, during which unfortunately both feet and 18 finger bones were amputated. She is currently learning to walk with prosthetic feet.

It is not so much the bacteria that are dangerous as the damage it causes to organs. The toxin spread to my kidneys, my lungs, my liver and I lost my feet.

—Sandrine Graneau

research before use

Photograph of Sandrine Graneau smiling and wearing sunglasses

Graneau does not remember for sure how long the menstrual cup was inside her body, in addition to the fact that she believes that women should have more knowledge and investigate in depth about this new product, since being a sustainable method and long-term savings there are “pirate” brands that sell the glasses at a much lower price but are made with toxic or unhygienic materials.

created the organization Dans Mes Baskets

Photograph of the organization Dans Mes Baskets

Despite the ordeal that Sandrine went through, she created an association called Dans Mes Baskets (In my shoes) that has the objective of financially supporting people who have suffered amputations due to TSS and also raises awareness about the condition and the use of menstrual hygiene products that can cause it, so that it is treated responsibly.

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