World’s dirtiest man dies at 94

How many days can you go without bathing? Probably two days at most, but can you imagine spending 50 years without taking a shower? Maybe they don’t even think about it, much less want it. However, there was a man who endured half a century without showering. Unfortunately, he has just passed away at the age of 94.

Amou Haji, better known as “The dirtiest man in the world”, was a native of the Dejgah people, in the province of Fars, in Iran, and was very popular throughout the world for his bad hygiene habits, since the man did not bathed for fear of getting sick. In addition, he smoked five cigarettes at a time and even sucked manure from a pipe.

Amou Haji

Amou was always surrounded by many myths, in which it was claimed that he ate run over animals and rotten porcupine meat. Other rumors suggested that he drank five liters of water a day that he had collected from puddles or buckets.

Of course, when we talk about myths, we talk about people’s probable inventions, but due to his lifestyle, he became a legend. In fact, it became a tourist attraction, since thousands of tourists went to visit it and shared videos showing its behavior and it was even the protagonist of a documentary filmed in 2013 called The strange life of Amou Haji.

the dirtiest man in the world

According to her story, Amou decided to stop bathing for fear of getting sick, assuring that she had an aversion to soap and water. She then began to get dirty after having suffered emotional problems and after adopting these habits, she began to isolate herself from others.

According to the British specialists who carried out the latest medical studies in order to find any disease, despite his way of living, the man was in good health. However, in contrast to what they expected, they claimed that Amou had managed to develop a very strong immune system.

dirty man of the world

It was recently reported that Amou Hají took a bath for the first time in 60 years and shortly thereafter passed away. This does not mean that the shower was the cause of it, but the coincidence with her constant fear of getting sick if she took a bath one day surprised many.

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