Young jiu-jitsu expert defended herself and hit assailant

Being the victim of an assault and having the opportunity to reach the robber to give him what he deserved is a luck that not everyone usually runs with. For this reason, the case of a martial arts expert girl who chased and ended up beating one of her assailants will go down as a peculiar case of instant karma.

A video recently began to circulate on networks that shows the moment in which a young woman steeled herself and started a race to catch up with the two subjects who a couple of streets back pulled her and beat her in order to strip her of her belongings.

Jiu-Jitsu expert girl hits her assailant

However, the assailants did not count on the fact that the young woman they tried to rob is an expert in the art of self-defense known as Jiu Jitsuso, based on his knowledge in martial arts, he did not hesitate to give them a well-deserved lesson.

The events occurred on Bernardo de Balbuena and Reforma streets, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where a security camera showed how the girl reached one of her assailants, who was being waited by her accomplice on board a motorcycle.

Jiu-Jitsu expert reached out and punched her assailant in Guadalajara, Mexico

In the recording that, according to the information, happened on September 8, it can be seen that just before the thief manages to reach his partner and get on the motorcycle, the woman knocks him down and begins to hit him on the ground while the accomplice he runs away.

After applying a couple of kicks and punches to the assailant, the girl walks away from him while a young man tries to reassure her. Seeing this, the robber tries to walk away from the place, but it is not possible, since a man knocks him down from behind and, with a blow to the head, throws him back to the ground.

At the end of the video, it is observed how a group of neighbors from the area approach the place to help the girl and arrest the criminal who, with bad luck, ended up beaten and abandoned by his accomplice. As is customary in these cases, the clip of just over two minutes became popular on the Internet, where users applauded that the man had received what he deserved.

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