Young man breaks down in tears upon being accepted into the Medicine career

Even if they don’t say it, all parents in the world dream of a full life for their children and when they achieve it, they can’t help but shed tears of joy. This was what happened to a humble farmer, who burst into tears when he found out that his son had been accepted into the Medicine career.

This was the third time his son had tried to get into college. The emotional moment was recorded on video, was shared on social networks and already moves Internet users.

Dad and son hugging;  Farmer Dad Breaks Down In Tears Upon Learning His Son Was Accepted To Medical School

Sandro Lucio Nascimento, 20 years old and originally from Brazil, is the son of a farmer, who, upon learning that he had been accepted into the Medicine course at the Vitória da Conquista campus of the Federal University of Bahia, could not help but break down in tears. .

Before his father found out from someone else, Sandro broke the news to him in the field where he works. The moment was recorded and has gone viral on social media. In the video, Sandro is seen walking to where his father is while the person who recorded it narrates the situation.

Seeing his father, Sandro runs and delivers the news: “I was accepted to study medicine.” “You deserve it,” his father replies seconds before they are moved to tears and hug each other.

I didn’t expect him to react like that because he is a very strong person. I think he always believed in me. He thought that it would hardly be possible to pass Medicine, a competitive career for people of humble origin.

Sandro says that this was his third attempt to enter the race. But, in the end, after a constant back and forth of attempts, the young man reached his goal and very soon we will be able to see him graduate with honors.

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