Young man who cleaned windshields graduated from Medicine

It is true that in some cases, when you want, you can and it is enough to stop making excuses and self-sabotage and start achieving your goals. As difficult as this may seem to us, there is always an alternative to achieve our dreams. An example of this is the young César Caballero, a boy from Tamaulipas who, despite not having all the financial resources, was able to graduate as a doctor.

In 2016, a person recorded César with his cell phone and uploaded the video to Facebook, showing the boy cleaning windshields even in his career uniform. He did this to cover the costs of his studies, since, as we all know, university is expensive and a medical degree, not to mention. At a very young age, César had to work to pay for his studies, but after it went viral on social networks, he was given different forms of help, including a scholarship.

Cesar Caballero graduating as a doctor

Recently, the person who made the young man’s situation viral shared that the boy was finally able to graduate and that during all these years, he was encouraging him to continue and continue striving. In addition, he mentioned that he has seen him repeatedly and each time the young man shows great pride that he finally fulfilled his dream of being a doctor.

Cesar Caballero wipes windshield

Let’s get rid of fears and prejudices and let’s get into action, but we also have to seek help when something gets complicated, because let’s remember that there are always humanitarian hands ready to give us the chance to continue. It is very likely that César will soon be able to see patients and how nice to know that our doctor has that touch of humility and humanity.

Caesar Knight

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