Young man wins 5 million in casino and does not claim his prize

God definitely has his darlings and he has made it clear to us with the anecdote of a man who played in a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, because after winning just over $229,000, he left without collecting his prize. However, after an arduous search, he was located by the authorities to deliver his check.

Perhaps, incredulous that he had won, this boy had no intention of keeping the prize, but the casino authorities had to do everything to locate him using the establishment’s security cameras. In this way, the lucky man was able to be awarded, although there are those who sarcastically assert that he is the candidate for the 2023 Darwin Awards.

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The events occurred at the Treasue Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where the man said he had gone to visit his parents and started playing slot machines, but at some point he decided to withdraw from a machine without realizing that have done jackpotearning 229,368 dollars, which he had to collect from the administration of the place.

Once the lucky man withdrew from the casino, the administrators undertook the task of locating him with the help of the security cameras, counting only on the descriptions of his face and the clothes he was wearing.

winner receiving his check from the casino

After carefully studying surveillance footage, investigators saw someone matching the winner’s description get into a vehicle and realized that he and the group of people with him had taken an Uber, so they contacted him. contacted the shipping company to help locate the winner, who was identified as Robert Taylor.

20 days after going to the casino, Robert was notified that he had won and that he had not cashed his check, so the authorities spent hours looking for him to deliver his corresponding prize.

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The Nevada Division of Gaming has as its main function the protection of the players and to make sure that they collect their winnings.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the spokesperson for the hotel and the Nevada Gaming Control Board, this is the first time they have been asked to find a winner, so they were very happy and excited when they located him to award him Your prize.

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